Sunday, July 25, 2010

Different Careerfields

Funeral Directors-Perform various tasks to arrange and direct funeral services, such as coordinating transportation of body to mortuary for embalming, interviewing family or other authorized person to arrange details, selecting pallbearers, procuring official for religious rites, and providing transportation for mourners.
The median salary range for this position is $54,370. This career field is on the rise and is projected to excel by 12% between 2008 and 2018.
The credentials are important as interested candidates will need two years of formal schooling, a license to perform this job, as well as a mortuary course. An exam is required. The field can be geared towards a Communications Studies career due to the preparation and research involved on the job.

Reporters-News analysts, reporters, and correspondents gather information, prepare stories, and make broadcasts that inform the public about local, State, national, and international events; present points of view on current issues; and report on the actions of public officials, corporate executives, interest groups, and others who exercise power. The median salary range for this/these positions is $50,400. This field is expected to decline 6% within the next couple of years. Aside a degree getting your foot in the door in this industry, there is also the following required: Reporters typically need more than good word-processing skills. Computer graphics and desktop-publishing skills are essential as well. Students should be completely proficient in all forms of multimedia. Computer-assisted reporting involves the use of computers to analyze data in search of a story.

Travel Agents-assist travelers by sorting through vast amounts of information to help their clients make the best possible travel arrangements. Travel agents offer advice on destinations and make arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and tours for their clients. In addition, resorts and specialty travel groups use travel agents to promote travel packages to their clients. The median salary for this position is: $30, 790. This industry is expected to decline 1% between 2010-2018. Travel agents must be well-organized, accurate, and detail oriented in order to compile information from various sources and to plan and organize travel itineraries. Agents must have excellent communication skills and must be professional and courteous when dealing with travel representatives and clients.

Teacher-Postsecondary teachers instruct students in a wide variety of academic and vocational subjects beyond the high school level. Ph D. graduates do have the optimal choices in choosing a path. The median salary for this position is: $58,890. The future for this field forecasts a 15% incline. Four-year colleges and universities usually require candidates for full-time, tenure-track positions to hold a doctoral degree. However, they may hire master's degree holders or doctoral candidates for certain disciplines, such as the arts, or for part-time and temporary jobs.

Authors, Writers, and Editors-develop original written materials for books, magazines, trade journals, online publications, company newsletters, and advertisements. The median salary for this/these positions is: $53,000. The growth potential for this/these fields is expected to grow by 8%. Most jobs require a college degree, preferably in communications, journalism, or English.


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