Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cultural Diversity

Week 3-Cultural Diversity
I find these commandments to be interesting because we as a society need to be reminded that people are different and come from all kinds of backgrounds and upbringing. Everyone can utilize these commandments in everyday life. It is important to respect others for their differences whether they are physical, mental, or religious. Obviously, someone would not walk into a church as blab against their own belief versus others inside of that very same church that are preaching what they believe. It would not be right. I can exercise these guidelines on a daily basis because of the area that I live in. I currently reside in Arlington, Virginia, which sits just outside of Washington, D.C. the diversity in this area is overwhelming. There are so many different cultures that are currently occupying this region that it is abnormal to not encounter someone from a different background. I can embrace others for their differences much easier and exercise more patience when I am in a public setting or even in traffic. I do have a pretty big "pottymouth" when it comes to driving on the roads in the DC Metro area. I am learning to control it a little bit better. It seems that I am always in traffic behind someone who may not be from the United States on a regular basis. I need to learn to put myself in that person's shoes when driving. The road signs, constant lane changing and the aggressive drivers on the road may come off as intimidating because the person may not be used to such behaviors or rules in their native setting. Patience is a virtue.

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